Sunday, October 07, 2007

Money is the winner on the day

I suppose we should look on the bright side, at least we won all our other games, France didn't - and we do hold the Parliamentary World Cup.

11 questions on the Rugby World Cup

Why is there a lack of southern hemisphere referees in the business end of the tournament?

Why did the NZ v Scotland game cost $400 a seat - and were more expensive than most quarterfinal seats?

Are France and England 'bogey" teams for NZ and Australia respectively?

Why did they decide on jersey colours less then a week before big games after the IRB approved the initial jerseys?

Is it fair to blame the ref when it wasn't him that scored fewer points?(Actually, he did score fewer points...).

Is this week a good time for Helen Clark to to call an early election?

Why are game reviews on the website of the Internatonal Rugby Board the only ones not to mention vital referee indiscretions?

Why is just about every media release from the Rugby World Cup Limited over the past two months about money and not rugby?

Why get rid of a good coach as a result of what many people see as a referee indescretion? Particularly when the Rubgy Union say he did everything right.

Why was the huge rugby ball at in Paris officially opened to the public by Helen Clark just before we crashed out of the cup?

And why did Miss Clark attend the game at all, given that most important sporting games of all codes that Clark attends we end up losing? Like Graeme Henry, her contract expires next year too. Imagine if she had have attended the Parliamentary World Cup!

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