Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mallard to be reshuffled

Duck shooting season starts next week.

UPDATE Trevor Mallard is taking time out. But not with Sharon. Next week is recess anyway, but it is interesting as to where he is taking time out: Taupo. Taupo, of course is a lovely place to take time out in, for various reasons - a lake, good cafes... but it is an especially lovely place for Mallard as his partner, rower Brenda Lawson lives there.

Then from undressing for Brenda, it will be time to be stripped by Helen Clark - of some of his portfolios when he returns to Parliament. Meanwhile Cullen is raping our wallets and a raft of mid range MPs are prostituting themselves for Ministerial positions. It's all a bit immoral really, but it is what is expected from Labour.

After recess the MPs can ask "how's Brenda", instead of "how's Sharon". And Phil Goff can just sit quietly and wait for eventual promotion.

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Barnsley Bill said...

This is a fantastic result for mallard. Clarke will give him less to do whilst retaining all the money and perks. And so the frenzied feeding at the trough of public largesse continues for at least another year.