Wednesday, October 03, 2007

it's my taonga and I`ll cry if I want to

One woman wants her Tongan husband recognised as a taonga under the treaty because he hasn't got a work permit or residency and is about to be deported. They got married just before his work permit ran out in November last year.

So she has made a claim under the Waitangi Tribunal in an attempt to sort our his immigration problems. The application is on the basis that spouses within the "sanctity of marriage" are taonga, and therefore Maori are guaranteed "the right to retain their taonga" under article two of the treaty which protects assets.

As far as I'm concened she can damn well retain her taonga in Tonga.

So husbands are assets now? Lets hope the Waitangi Tribunal doesnt think so. The guys shouldn't even be in the country. He was granted a limited-purposes visa nine months after his work permit ran out - provided he left the country after surgery for a rugby injury had been done. He should go - and his wife of less than a year should go with him and not clutter up the medical system or the Waitangi Tribunal with her personal problems.

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