Saturday, October 13, 2007

I feel sorry for Kahui

I feel sorry for all the victims of Roger Kahui's offending. But I also feel sorry for Kahui after he was sentenced to preventative detention for rape. He is related to Chris Kahui who is facing charges over his twins. LIke Chris Kahui he has probably never had a real job in his life.

I feel sorry for him because he was born.

The minute he was conceived he was in trouble. He was taken off his parents when he was 7 after suffering physical and emotional abuse, he lived on the streets at the age of 9. He joined a gang in his teens and was in jail at age 21. The only reason that he has just 130 convictions is that he's spent half his life behind bars - and he`s only in his 30s. In fact he has been sentenced to more than 100 years in jail, but the sentences have been served concurrently.

A Kahui family member said "yes, you piece of shit" when the preventive detention sentence was read out in court. Perhaps the same could be said of his parents.

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