Monday, September 10, 2007

wasting money on child abuse

Our Commie Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro is getting $5m from the state every year to save five people from child abuse. Should she be successful these children are likely to be Maori, living with parents who are not married to each other and are not the child's father or mother.In the year to June, 46 percent of child abuse notifications to CYFS came from Maori households, and half kids in Maori households do not live with parents who are married to each other.

Cindy Kiro's scheme would make it compulsory for every newborn's caregiver to nominate an authorised provider to assess their family's progress through home visits.Those who refused to take part would be referred to welfare authorities

And what will welfare authorities do?Write another report they don't follow through with? Nobody has actually said what they would do. The Government has run out of ideas.

This should be a targeted or tailored service - its just that the Government has no idea who to target or tailor the service to, so they want to include all parents even those who take good care of their kids.

So, under this plan, if you have kids, now or in the future, then you are a suspected child abuser unless you are told otherwise, especially if you refuse to take part.

This is what sort of society we end up with when marriage is devalued and Plunket is purposely underfunded and underutilised by this Government. Money for the Families Commission should be going to Plunket.

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Anonymous said...

Yes David
$5 million for Plunket for visiting each child once a week in 1st eyar thereafter once a month.
$5 million for 24/7 telephone service.
$5 million for implementing the starship childrens recommendations in hospitals.
$3 million for Ambulances to be crewed 2 up each shift.

I make that $18 million.
How much does Clark have of our money in the bank?

$7 billion.
Why isn't Cindy Kiro shouting from the rooftops for $18 million.

Because she doesn't give a fig.
If she did she would be shouting from the rooftops.
I would be if I had her position and salary.