Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nasty poofs's story on a Bill English's 14-year-old son's Bebo site that has nasty comments about gays and emos is as abhorrent as the actual site itself. Perhaps worse. There's nothing wrong about highlighting homophobia, but doing so using a site just because it belongs to the son of an MP is disgustingly nasty and should not be tolerated by anyone, gay or straight.

I read through the Bebo site on Monday. It appears that has taken a copy of the site for its records as since it was passworded, they have added some quotes that are on the site. However, supporters of the article such as writer David Herkt claims the story is about English's reponse to's questions on the site Herkt is a bit of a stange guy. He doesn't think that the article was all that bad but he thinks using the word "poof" on the radio is "mildly offensive" so I have used it here to mildly offend him.

Herkt thinks the real story was the fact that Bill English's staff wouldn't respond to GayNZ.coms questions and attack the Bebo site's contents.Since when has Parliamentary staff been responsible for commenting on a website of the son of their boss?

Two of English's sons have Bebo sites; both of them are now passworded because one was used purely to slur his MP dad.

If those at condone this sort of behaviour, thats simply an appalling state of affairs. The story is a disservice to the good work the website has done over the years.

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