Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Maori Party doesn't like to crack down on gangs

The Government is going to double the sentence for anyone taking part in an organised crime group in an effort to crack down on gangs.The Maori Party doesnt like new measures to get tough on gangs because there are too many Maori in gangs. Well, there are too many Maori child abusers as well. The Maori Party says that it opens the door for Police to label any grouping of Maori together as a gang.

That's a stupid thing to say. A whanau, the Maori Party and a hui are hardly going to be labeled as a gang any more than a Maori with kids is labelled a child abuser. Perhaps it is a veiled admission that gangs are a Maori problem - just like child abuse is.

What would happen if we double the sentence for unmarried Maori child abusers while we are at it. Then see what the Maori Party and the Sensible Sentencing Trust will have to say about that. It won`t happen unless our Government is silly enough to consider that gangs as a group are involved in crime to the same extent that unmarried Maori parents as a group are involved in child abuse.

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