Friday, August 03, 2007

how to rip off WINZ???

Well thats what happens when you write an article with a sensationalist headline... I did an article for this weeks Issue of Salient on how to get full and correct entitlements - and extras from Work and Income. All above board, nothing illegal yet they called it How to Rip Off WINZ. I did not write that headline. Work and Income aren't even called WINZ.

It's not a story on how to rip of Work and Income. I don't condone rip offs. But the NZ Herald has run a story on it and TVNZ is doing a story on it as well.Stuff, NZPA and Newstalk ZB have all covered the story and RNZ's checkpoint did an interview with the Salient editor. Close Up@7 pulled its story as Nia Glassie died. Some people need to read past headlines, though.

If Work and Income was advising everyone what they were entitled to, and gave people what they were entitled to when asked, none of the content in the article would be a surprise to anyone. Some people at Work and Income don't even know the difference between policy and legislation. I spoke to one call centre rep today who didn't know what "legislation" was - they just understood what their boss told them.

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