Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Govt assesses man to be a university lecturer although has reading age of seven

Willie Allen is a former panelbeater and has a reading age of seven. He is currently on the invalids benefit because he was kicked off ACC because ACC said he was fit enough and able to do the job of a university lecturer, a receptionist, or a property manager. ACC manager Gerard McGreevy stated on Nine to Noon that the reading age was irrelevant, that Allen's reading was not tested by ACC, but he could work. Allen's ACC vocational assessor wasn't told abut his reading age.

Allen couldn't read the letter that kicked him off ACC and a now has a lawyer who also spoke on RNZ. McGreevy couldn't tell Kathryn Ryan how many people have been kicked off ACC and are on benefits but said that ACC occupational assessors do a very good job.

Pity Kathryn Ryan didn't ask whether the assessors did a good job assisting in rehabilitation or a good job in removing people from the ACC scheme on to benefits. If you are on ACC and have a letter telling you that you have an appointment for a vocational assessor, you should be letting your lawyer know because that is the first step in kicking you off ACC because they will most likely tell you you can do a job that you either can't do, are unfit to, do or are over or under qualified to do.

And once the tell you that, you`ll need to visit Work and Income because your Weekly Compensation will be cut.

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Anonymous said...

McGreevy is just another mouthpiece for ACC spouting the usual trite you'd expect.

Ding goes the bell, come get your dinner doggy sort of verbiage. The problem is we aren't dogs Gerard, but humans and we have a capacity to think beyond such useful phrase-like entrances, that suggest to some, you're really on-to what you think you know what you're talking about.

Listen to the interview on National Radio with kathryn Ryan (diamond interviewer by the way - and she inadvertantly saved his ass from a couple of tight spots by butting into his responses I reckon). Phew-wee.

Oh you know, stuff like:

'Appropriate Qualifications' re: Occupational Asssessors.

'The assessors are independent' - but they use ACC scripted forms Gerard and Dave.
I thought the word independent meant free from outside control - New Zealand,(gulp), world. Oh right, I forgot, you use the ACC diktationary.

Is Gerard McGreevy a professional ?
Doe he have the appropriate qualifications - and what assessor gave him the tick ?

Have a listen Kiwis, treat it like a game, it is fun despite the tragic lessons to be learnt from it all.