Tuesday, July 03, 2007

thats good news

Fashion designer Trelise Cooper - who has 75 staff - has dropped her case against fashion designer Tamsin Cooper. - who has two part time staff. Trelise was trying to stop Tamsin registering "Tamsin Cooper" as a trademark because she said the brands were similar and appealed to similar markets.

It should ever have gone to court. Now everyone knows who Tamsin Cooper is.


Jack Yan said...

Excellent point, Dave. If anything, this has helped the Tamsin Cooper brand and all consumers can now distinguish between the two (although I would argue that they always could). I am also not sure if it has done the Trelise Cooper brand any good, but withdrawing is a good way for her to save some face.

Anonymous said...

Has it brought publicity to NZ fashion?
how was Trelize highlighted?
as the successful designer.
and Tamsin?
as the up and coming new fresh successful NZ designer.
So all in all everyone got a raised profile in their markets.
NZ got a raised profile all over and the papers sold copy.
Who paid for what though?
But then trelize as the old successful designer can afford it.