Sunday, July 01, 2007

More Labour advertising

On the surface, this ad on the NZ Herald website lets you calculate your savings with Kiwisaver. In reality it leads to the Labour Party website promoting KiwiSaver, 20 hours "free" and the cheaper doctors visits - complete with tax-payer funded broadcasts on YouTube. It's all part of Labour's Sustainable New Zealand campaign…..see the little NZ surrounded by the money go-round labels, beside the hug-fest logo - but who is being sustained? The Labour Party, that's who - by the tax-payer.

Pity you cant actually calculate your savings given that the Labour party provides no calculator. Perhaps the Government could put more effort in actually getting the KiwiSaver forms to the employers to give to their employees in stead of spending time self-promoting. Or does Labour think it is better if people go to the website and print the forms out for their MPs and pay for the paper and ink themselves. This is turning out to be another third world policy in terms of implementation. IRD haven't even got its systems together as of yet, and staff are having to work around the clock.
hat tip Whale-Oil

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Anonymous said...

10 yrs ago we should have put Winston Peters approach into action.

I think Kiwisaver is a good thing providing the politicians don't screw around with it (won't hold breath).

For the next 40 yrs I think they shouldn't asset test anyone for NZ SUPA either, and set a date when they will.

Better still Not tax the retired income at all.