Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Government thinks only men are abusers

The Government wants all hospitals to ask questions of women aged 15-65 when they visit hospitals. Whilst in hospital every women will be asked these three questions to see if she may have been abused:
* Has anybody hurt or threatened you?
* Have you ever felt controlled or always criticised?
* Have you been asked to do anything sexual that you didn't want to do?

They forgot one question: Have you smacked your kids?

The idea is that asking these questions is supposed to assist in reducing child abuse because if a woman is abused the chances are is that her children are too.

So do women not instigate abuse against children? Obviously not according to this initiative. So if it's okay to say if child abuse is a male problem, why is it then racist to say it's a Maori problem, given that 60 percent of reported child abuse is committed by Maori. Take out the Maori population and New Zealand would not be the third worst country in the developed world for infant death

First they want schools to parent kids, now they want doctors to be cops! We can't have cops asking " have you been asked to do anything sexual that you didn't want to do", can we.


lurgee said...

I must say this doesn't seem to sit comfortably with your comments on Maori and child abuse.

Dave said...