Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Muliaga spokesperson should shut up now

Nobody is going to be charged over Folole Muliaga's death. Good. Now perhaps family spokesperson Brendon Sheehan [no, no the Brendan Sheehan who works at Meridian Energy] can shut up about the Government not doing enough if he is not going to confirm whether the Muliaga family was receiving their full entitlements through Working for Families and Work and Income.

Meanwhile Mercury Energy says it will act on new guidelines for dealing with people who cant pay their bills. Actually they are developing them with the Electricity Commission just like they did last time. There will be threat of regulation if they are not followed - just like last time. And Mercury say they are going to follow these guidelines - just like they were supposed to do with the current ones. The Electricity Commission say it is going to monitor them - just like they said last time - except this time they have to report to the Government in February.

But there is nothing to stop electricity companies ignoring guidelines, even if they are changed from "should" to "must", if there is no legal consequences for not following them.

Likewise, there is also nothing to make families apply for all their state-funded entitlements. But if they don't get their entitlements, and they cant afford to live, well, whose fault is that?

If the Muliaga family was not getting their entitlements, Sheehan cannot say the Government has not done enough. Now poor people who can't pay their power bill "must" be told to go to WINZ even when they have not bothered to apply for eligible assistance to start with.

And now that Mr Muliaga is quitting work to look after his family he will probably have to go on the DPB.

Does anybody know if the Muliaga family have a connected phone now?


duckenvy said...

1: It's clear that Brendan Shhenan has had another agenda even if his primary objevtive was helping the family.
2: It's clear the son didn't give an accurate account of what happened to police.
3: It's clear Helen Clark is one of the most cynically motivated oppurtunists to ever roam the beehive.

It's also clear that you Dave have never had to choose between paying the phone bill or eating and have never had to deal with WINZ.
It's also clear that you don't know when to stop beating a dead horse.

Dave said...

Hey duckenvy (duckenvy@hotmail.com for those who would like to email this ignoramus),

just to let you know that I used to deal with WINZ on a daily basis.

The last time I dealt with WINZ was yesterday, and the last time I chose between a food grant and a power bill was in November - I chose the power bill.

So it is clear that you don't know what you are talking about.

duckenvy said...

Whats your e-mail bitch?

duckenvy said...

Better yet whats your address.

Dave said...

Better yet, this number may be familiar to you
IP Address 219.89.40.# (Telecom Internet Services)
Now run away little grrll

Anonymous said...

Just a friendly suggestion Dave, why don't you just delete all these comments, you never know who will e-mail what to whom. OK Mate.

Dave said...

No DuckEnvy (who has now changed his name to anonymous) Ive already deleted some of your comments, and have told you to run away.
Have left other comments there.
Just a friendly suggestion, don't put them there in the first place, if you want them deleted, eh.

Now go off and feed your son. Hes hungry.

Anonymous said...

How about using this event to change the way you inhabit the web space.

I am sure that there is a lot we haven't been told about this matter just as I am sure that loads of people have agendas.
however that really doesn't help you if you're going to vent in such a way to people you don't know.

I'd like to know why no one rang for an ambulance.
I'm finding it hard to get my head around a culture or family culture that is so shamed that they let someone get iller and possibly contributed to their death.

we can flagelate all we like but that doesn't change the way you Duckenvy behaved does it?

thanks for the reminder to self not to do the same, which I have.