Thursday, June 21, 2007

David Bain to face retrial

It has just been announced that David Bain is to face a retrial. What do you think of that? Do you think a retrial is in the public interest?

Also, will Trevor Mallard be the next finance minister? And before the next budget after he announced the strongest statement on personal tax cuts before the next election.Actually, he announced it in Australia, and it was first published in an Australian newspaper. Apparently he wants tax cuts so that high income people [read:brain drainers] don't take off to places like Australia to get better incomes.
It's a pity Mallard is not the Minister of Economic Development - then he could do something about our low wages and pump out policies to provide for greater economic growth.

..Oh that's right, he is the Minister. No wonder he wants tax cuts.He should concentrate on providing economic growth that filters down to result in a substantial increase in real wage rates.

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Anonymous said...

mallard did the job he was given at education.
- wrap up loads of schools
- make the teachers more loaded down
- continue the (National's) deciel system double taxation charade
- Keep govt costs down

What do you think he's doing at the Economic ministry, I thought his big love was sport?