Thursday, June 28, 2007

Banned! Smoking in pubs, smacking, and soon, party pills

Do you think party pills are harmless? If not, you`ll be appalled to learn that they may soon be banned. In April, Jim Anderton released a briefing paper and has announced that he wants party pills banned by the end of the year.

The Green media response ishere While they are correct saying it is a health issue, Metiria Turei says this:
I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming review of the Misuse of Drugs Act. Two of the most harmful drugs in New Zealand are the two legal and readily available ones. Any review of drug legislation should include alcohol and tobacco. We would welcome a new classification of Class D drugs, to which both alcohol and tobacco, along with BZP, should belong.

Yet alcohol and tobacco are already governed by their own legislation. A review of the Misuse of Drugs legislation will not extend to legal drugs. In any case, a new class of legal drug under an act governing illegal drugs would be a stupid move.

What do you think? Those found in possession of a Class C1 drug are normally liable to a maximum of three months imprisonment and/or up to a $500 fine. I think it is an appalling decision without any mention of associated education to prevent the abuse of illegal drugs. Stronger regulation is much more preferable, but of course our gutless Government sees a straight out ban as the easy way out.

Will this proposed ban reduce harm or send people to jail? It won't stop people taking party pills. They are an established part of the New Zealand social scene and there will be a reaction within that scene to this news.


Anonymous said...

I'm quite upset that party pills are to be banned.

Anonymous said...

The logical position here would say that if they are going to ban party drugs because of societal cost (fiscal and otherwise) then lets ban smoking and alcohol as they cost so much too.

While we're at it lets put all fat people on a eating regime and make them stick to it.

Hey what about punishing all those young people getting Chlamydia and STD's too.

Hell they probably are drinking and party pilling BUT NOT. reading and listening to all the "Good Advice" the Family Planning appratchniks give out.

No on second thoughts lets just smack them after all everyone's doing it.