Thursday, May 03, 2007

I don't support the bill

Well after yesterdays post when I said I support the amendment to the smacking bill, some would automatically think I support the bill.

I don't. That's because the purpose of the bill is still to remove force and makes smacking technically against the law,as opposed to technically within the law as we have now. This is despite the intent of Parliament to make what is illegal lawful within the legal framework via the courts. But given that the bill would have passed anyway, and as I mentioned yesterday, due to Labour's politicking, there are only two politically options options other than what was on the table yesterday morning, I supported the amendment as the other option was not politically achievable and neither was any other sensible option.

The bill is better with the amendment than without it. Although I don't support the bill, I do think it is better than what we had in the weekend. But not much. However, you can be sure that if an inconsequential smacking case comes before the courts, going against the intent of Parliament, the Borrows amendment will be introduced after the election, and if that person is unnecessarily convicted, Key will announce this move before the election.

NB: Just a clarification: when I said support the smacking amendment, I meant I support the amendment going through Parliament. There are some bills I have supported their passage through the House where I have disagreed with some clauses,and this amendment is no different. I don't like it 100%. the Burrows amendment was much better. There.

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Anonymous said...

I think that this is a pig in a poke.
Banning smacking or correective force was the aim.
It does that.

Really. The so called amendment disclaimer means that police will still investigate and notify CYPS so aordinary families will go through hell for what is their business.

Otherwise known as state interference based on a lie.

The lie being.
That this would help those being beaten.

This is like putting a bandaid on a very servere bleeding cut leg, but not on the cut itself.
bullshit in other words.

Now these silly politicos will say.
Hey look we did something about it.
lets all go to the bar.

well done everyone for the collegiality we showed.
see MMP isn't a mess.
now lets get on with more important things.

John Key should have just said we will repeal it at the next election.
this situation is fraught with danger.
do people really think that the liberal leftist camp won't want scalps over this?
They lied and obfusecated the issue again and again over 2 yrs.

This will be shown in society, our youth are not better than the youth of 20yrs ago or 10yrs ago but worse.
the restraint is less and less.