Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Greens tell the media that Bradford's bill is an anti-smacking bill

Sue Bradford claimed in March that she has never called her bill an anti-smacking bill "my opponents did, and the media adopted the phrase".

What about this media release from the Greens: Green's draw up their own anti-smacking bill (hat tip dpf)

Perhaps the media adopted the phrase from a Green Party media release.

UPDATE 9:30am Wed I have been advised that Labour and National is finally getting its heads together to nut out a compromise on the smacking bill which both parties will agree to, in that parents will not be prosecuted for light smacking. More info as it comes to hand. A media release is to be issued later today


Andy Moore said...

Fantastic point, and yes, quite likely the media did pick it up from this.

Anonymous said...

OF course they did.
it was an orchestrated campaign all along. as was they using the word ebating instead of smacking.