Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dunne and dusted

United Future's Peter Dunne is really angry.

He has blased Labour for taking his party for granted, attacked National for meeting with business leaders with the aim to secore Maori Party support in 2008.

How convenient. Attack Labour when you are down to two MPs and Labour is 25 percent behind in the polls.

Dunne wants some recognition from Labour now of United Future's possible relevance after the next election. He's got that deserved recognition already. He is also annoyed that Labour is looking towards the Greens.
To use the analogy of a marriage, there comes a time even in the most stable and productive of relationships when the wandering eye of one partner ceases to be just an annoyance and becomes a major problem.

He can talk. How can you have "the most stable and productive of relationships" and publicly say you are taken for granted at the same time?

Dunne is like the partner who is forsaking his older spouse for a younger man. Very homosexual, I must say. His wandering eye is looking towards National when he`s got his own party to fix up. His supporters are either leaving or blasting Dunne for deserting the policies and ethos of his party.

I guess that is what happens when you take your party and MPs for granted, use it as vehicle for your own means and it backfires on you.

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Oh dear and another Christian too!