Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Where are the responsible ministers at question time?

How many responsible ministers do we have at question time in Parliament? On Thursday Cullen answers on behalf of the Ministers of Health, Broadcasting, and Education. Goff answers on behalf of the Minister of State Services, and Mallard on behalf of the Minister of Consumer Affairs. National even tried unsuccessfully to defer asking a question until the responsible minister was back from gardening leave for swearing. Of course all questions from Labour MPs had their ministers present.

If the responsible ministers are not going to be in the House during question time, why are they called responsible ministers? If Ministers can take off for an early holiday before Easter, why can't the rest of us?

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Anonymous said...

1. It's called arrogence for one.

2. The other reason is they don't get recorded making a stuff up or looking bad to the electorate.

3. They are in such doggie do at the moment that they don't want to allow the opposition the opportunity to get stuck in on a number of fronts.

All in all they are a bunch of hypocrites.
But will National act any different when they cross the house?
I don't think so.