Saturday, April 14, 2007

its hard to get people off sickness benefits isn't it?

The Ministry of Social Development has said that it may take some time to get people off the sickness benefit.

Problem is, is that many shouldn't have been on there in the first place and the Ministry has turned a blind eye to the increase because the Government wanted the dole queue lowered. But what is interesting is that the MSD website says this:
People receiving Sickness and Invalids’ Benefits are a very diverse group, with different needs and medical conditions. Some people will be able and want to work full time
.Which begs the question: if thy can work full time, why aren't they on the unemployment benefit and registered as job seekers? With attitudes and policies like this, no wonder it is going to take some time.

Actually, if beneficiaries can work 25 hours a week and their doctors select them fit for light duties, they can still go on the sickness benefit and they don't even have to look for work. Which plenty of them are doing.

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