Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shane Jones does a rant

Labour list MP Shane Jones has slammed commercial operators in the early childhood sector as money hungry profit-seekers, in an article published in Northland's Bay Report.

He can talk. Who was the MP that held down another job to inflate his MP's salary? Oh, that's right, it was Shane Jones.

Jones said said opposition to Labour's '20 free hours' election promise was driven by a profit-thirsty private sector and that childhood education is being driven by a minority of commercial providers more concerned with profits than educating our younger generation.

"Commercial operators are doing it for lucre, we are doing it for love of education," Mr Jones wrote.

Jones said staff currently working in the sector were 'untrained and unsuitable' and needed improving.

Mr Jones went on to refer to the Early Childhood Council as a 'minority'. According to National MP Paula Bennett, this group is the largest representative body of licensed early childhood centres in New Zealand. It has almost 1000 member centres, 40% of which are community owned, who employ 7000 staff and care for more than 50,000 children.

Mr Jones must have got out of bed the wrong side before he did his rant. Particularly as he claims Labour makes policies, not for money, but for love.

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