Monday, March 26, 2007

Good one Cullen

Michael Cullen has decided not to seek urgency on the smacking bill because he can't get support from NZ First.

Good one Cullen, promote an idea, then dump it when you realise you are not going to get the numbers.Taking a leaf out of Sue Bradford's book, eh? Say you're not" pushing it" because you know Parliament doesn't want it. Who cares what the public think, it's all about what Parliament and Helen Clark can get, isn't it. Pass a bill mid-term in the hope that the electorate will forget about it at the next election. All we need now is to get National to promise to re-introduce Chester Borrow's amendment after the election - after all its pretty much National party policy so why wouldn't it?

Anyway, here is former Police Commissioner John Jameson’s professional evaluation of Sue Bradfords bill.(HT Murray Hill)

Here is Bradford's response.

“Mr Jamieson has no authority to speak on behalf of police in terms of current police practices. He hasn’t been commissioner for some 14 years, he’s been a candidate for Christian right-wing parties.”

Oh Chrisssstians!!!! Just like Bradford has no authority to speak on behalf of parents who bring up kids.She hasn't brought up kids on a daily basis since she has entered Parliament, and she has been a communist, prisoner and a hippy.