Thursday, March 01, 2007

former cops are not guilty again

Finally, finally finally.... the suppression orders are lifted in the latest cop rape case of Bob Schollum, Brad Shipton and Rickards and we can reveal that the fomer two are convicted rapists. They are currently in prison for eight and eight and a half years respectively for a Mt Maunganui rape. Their faces are covered in this picture when their names were suppressed. Their names were suppressed so they could get a fair trial in this current case, as well as the Louise Nicholas case.

The Herald calls the lifting of suppression a "bombshell". No bombshell for me - I've known this from the start and I've actually read the Mt Manganui rape decision.

Now if police only did their job properly instead of covering up for themselves, these creeps may have been done for more than one rape.

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