Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Christian fundamentalists and childless old bints

Helen Clark seems to think that all heterosexual Christians who disagree with her are extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists. She has given that label, or a variant of it, to United Future MPs, the Exclusive Brethren, Destiny Church, Maxim Institute, and now to Focus on the Family. Apparently because they are Christians, their views don't carry much weight in a democracy - as least not as much as the views of a 'childless old bint', as blogger Whale Oil notes.
I suppose from where she is looking at it from they are fundamentalist and they are right wing, but that doesn't make their opinion any less than that of a childless old bint living in a sham marriage of convenience, does it?


Anonymous said...

Now the Clark led government expects us to have faith in, and believe in their review process, what an absurd joke. You couldnt tell the truth if you tried.
Yesterday you were lying about not planning to push it though as a Govt Bill, then Bradford opens her mouth and reveals that Cullen had already asked her to do that same morning. And isnt the man behind the review... the tennis ball guy?

Anonymous said...

Where does Helen Clark now stand with USA President George W Bush? after all isnt he one of us? a heterosexual extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists. Clark has finally come out and admitted her feelings about those who follow after The true and living God.

Anonymous said...

Klark doesn't like right wing Christian fundmentalists, apparently all gay Christians are not right wing by definition, according to Klark. Wonder why Mrs Peter Davis wants a free trade agreement with a country headed by a right wing Christian fundamentalist?