Monday, February 05, 2007

pay it back

Labour is raising money to pay back the money it should not have spend paying for the pledge cards... or so you thought. Apparently the money is being collected as a campaign war chest for the next election and the self-serving party has no intention of paying it back, if it can get out if it. The party is waiting on a legal challenge to the Auditor Generals ruling that it hopes will run past the 2008 election date.

They have half the money already. They should pay that back now.
Mike Williams doesn't want to pay it, but Helen Clark has changed his mind and say she wants it paid.So Williams has backtracked. Perhaps someone could ask Auntie Helen to pay back what they have got now.

UPDATE 2Tickets for the Fourth Annual Great Auckland Central Hero Debate go on sale today, and it is a fund raiser for the Labour party, perhaps to contribute to paying back the money. Auckland Central Labour MP Judith Tizard will present the debate, with three other MPs taking part.

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