Friday, February 16, 2007

My God

Although I don't watch Praise Be, as my musical tastes wouldn't get anywhere near the show, I was aware sometime ago last year that the show was to be reduced 25 percent to make way for a programme called "My God".

And top of the list is Hindu "as we missed them last year", and the show was considering an episode on atheists.

Athiests! They don't even have a god. My god, your god, his god, her god, any god. I mean, would you have a programme for people who were interested in cats and interview someone who doesn't have a cat? Would you do a programme on "my fairy" and interview and talk about people who don't believe in fairies about their fairy they don't believe in?

How dumb! My God indeed! And you're paying for it with your taxes.


Anonymous said...

Hey dave remeber the kidsklub in schools forore?

Well this is the sisterhood getting back at Christianity and Christians, they aren't going to stop here mate.

anti smacking, anti hate crimes, offensive teaching and books.
It's all coming down the turnpike.

I'm looking forward to the MOE taking on "Dawkins" stance that parents who bring up Kids with religion are committing child abuse by not giving them a chance to formulate their own opinions in the "values neutral" environment of their classrooms.

Then they'll come after the homeschools as in Germany today.

We live in interesting times

cctrfred said...

There will be a lot of elderly people and others who cannot or will not go to an organised church who will be disappointed by this decision.