Friday, December 08, 2006

The Hollow Men: Nicky Hagar responds to Don Brash

Nicky Hagar has responded to Don Brash. He says that the allegation Hagar made that Talleys gave a million bucks to National was not what the book said - the money was offered, but not given. A bit a like a speech that was written, but never given. He also says that Dr Brash has not denied that parliamentary staff were used to produce advertising materials for the party's campaign and, assuming the plans went ahead, that the racing lobby paid to have the postcards distributed and this expenditure was not declared by the National Party. In other words, his rebuttal brushes over more than it explains.

Go read the entire thing.

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Murray said...

Go read the entire thing?

What are you nuts, I should expose my brain to the passive abuse of the delusional rantings of the terminally paranoid communist conspiracy nut job that even other lefties think is a fruit loop?

I don't think so Dave.