Wednesday, December 20, 2006

errant ministers 2006

If the following ministers conducted their jobs in any other profession the way they did in 2006, they would be doing something else by 2007. Each one is not deserving of a ministerial warrant, unlike a certain minister who resigned this year. Can you remember why? Here's a few clues:
Chris Carter - Marina
Damian O'Connor - Liam Ashley
David Benson Pope - panty slut boy, tennis ball
Trevor Mallard - general bully, stadium,
Helen Clark - where do I start?
David Parker - Companies Office
Pete Hodgson - general lying, incompetence and outright deception

All but one are electorate MPs and I've probably missed out a few. Thats the reason why most of them remain in their jobs. They should have been replaced by the following people. The problem is that most are list MP's and the women are targeted for the chop.

Tim Barnett
Shane Jones
Darren Hughes
Steve Chadwick
Martin Gallagher
Darien Fenton
Ann Hartley

The scary thing is that leaves Labour about 8 MPs who are enther not former ( and for the most part errant) Ministers, or new MPs. I have included Shane Jones in the list even though he is a new MP. If you take out those who are destined for the chop, Labour doesnt have much depth, does it?

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