Saturday, October 07, 2006

this blog is quiet

And will be so for the next four of five weeks, when assignments will have been done and exams over - will try and post a couple of items each week, probably in the weekends. However I wil be convering the select committe report on the smacking bill and the pledge card funding A/G report, both of which will be released this month.

And on the topic of smacking a report is about to be released that shows that smacking with an open hand and the like does not lead to violence and aggression later in life.And of course it doesn't.

National's Chester Borrows is preparing an amendment to Sue Bradfords bill that will permit smacking with an open hand - or, as legally described, punishment that is "transitory and trifling". This was suggested by the Auckland District Law Society in its submission to the select committee.

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