Monday, October 23, 2006

raising the drinking age to 41

I have a bit of a problem with the recommendation to raise the purchasing age of alcohol to 41.

There are some exceptions. Adults under the age of 41 will be able to drink in a public house - and presumably purchase it if accompanied by a parent, partner,JP or scoutmaster. Now what if that parent, JP or scoutmaster is aged under 41 - can they not drink, while the younger person can? The rules also allow that partners can accompany those under 41.

What if both partners were aged under 41 - like 17, and the other 21? Does that mean the under age "partner" can accompany the minor and buy the drink for their partner purely due to their status as a partner - if so, its open slather as long as you are partnered.

Other than that - good suggestion. Just a small amendment - increase the drinking age for Lion Brown to 50 and reduce it to 25 for Monteiths - and restrict the sale of cocktails to men only. That will prevent many young lesbians drinking substandard and high level alcoholic drinks in public houses. Young lesbians will not be allowed to drink cocktails unless they have a male partner, parent. JP or scoutmaster in attendance, and this person must be over 49 for them to drink Lion Brown.

And that's the way it should be. If this amendment, along with my most excellent suggestions, becomes law, I predict a high lesbian-driven demand for aged scoutmasters.

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