Friday, October 27, 2006

Job search is compulsory for welfare beneficaries

Despite it being compulsory for unemployed welfare beneficaries to look for work, Minister David Benson Pope has grandly announced that it is now compulsory for welfare beneficares to be looking for work.

Anybody would think he was announcing a new policy. It's actually a new method to an old policy and is now called a job search service, but will not address what to do with those people who are work ready but dont want to work.Benson-Pope said:
"This is the biggest change to the benefit system in 50 years, and I think the focus is absolutely where it should be - on providing work upfront for people who want to work and support for those who aren't quite work-ready but will get there."

What he didnt say was what he wanted Work and Income to do with people who are work-ready but don't want to work. Is he still content that they go on the sickness benefit?

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