Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hypocrites as well as dictators

Our Government MP's - expecially cabinet ministers - are hypocrites as well as dictators who know they have already lost the 2008 election. Let's put them out of their misery now and call a fresh election.

Thousands of motorists fined for breaching bus and transit lane bylaws during the past three and a half years could be entitled to their money back because the infringement notices were unlawful. The Government has changed the law but has refused to backdate it because, according to parliamentary documents obtained by The Southland Times, Cabinet ministers said they were against retrospective laws and didn't think many people would ask for their money back.

I would have thought people would have asked for their money back. And yes, we are against retrospective laws, unlike the Government, who are only supportive of retrespective laws when it suits themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Dave
What can one say? They are hypocrites and liars.

What's worse they occupy the highest court in the land.

The sadness is we have a measure of social dislocation already occuring in certain parts of the country that the police are hard pressed to respond to. Rome is smoldering whilst our leaders are fiddling.

Why should our poor, the dispos essed and the young obey the law?

When the very institution has been brought into disrepute by it's occupants who claim to represent us!

Well they don't represent me, I am law abiding and honest and try and make a contribution.

Helen Clark and other MP's are leading us into lawlessness because they have no shame.

Peter Dunne could have pulled the plug but he wants to keep his baubles and as much as I'd like Gordon Copeland as my conctituancy MP, I won't be voting UF next election.

This week was a sad day for democray and the rule of law for New Zealand.
But would you notice it amongst the populace?
Have a great day in paradise.