Sunday, October 29, 2006

Helen Clark's mainstream marriage

Helen Clark told the Labour Party conference that she and her husband were approaching their 25th wedding anniversary. "How mainstream is that?" she asked.

I`ll tell you. Not very mainstream at all.

Nearly all married couples get married because they love each other.A majority share the same surname. He is Mr, she is Mrs, (not Miss). They actully live in the same house together and sleep in the same bed. They do housework together. They bring up children, take them to school and help them with homework. They share each others lives. They have a joint bank account. They pay for their flights. They don't shake hands when greeting each other. They try to have a work/life balance throughout the year. They go shopping together. They pay for their tickets to the rugby.

Most of which do not apply in Helen Clarks marriage.


Chuck said...

Some trendy married couples may have one or two homosexual friends or maybe invite homosexual couple to their parties. However, I do think most would have a lot more heterosexual friends than homosexual friends. Would any heterosexual on this blog have more than say three homosexual friends who they would socialise with or holiday with as Helen and Peter have?

Dave said...

I am a heterosexual on this blog - in fact this is my blog. I have way more than three gay friends I can socialise with
Perhaps it says something about you, Chuck that you obviously dont. Do you have an aversion to homosexuals?

Murray said...

I've never counted.

I don't have a quota so its irrelevant.

Chuck said...

Dave, you started the thread about Helen Clark's mainstream marriage. You pointed out a number things that would indicate that Clark’s marriage was not mainstream. Some of them on their own if they are true indicate a rather odd type of marriage. For example I do not know any married couples who shake hands on greeting. Other things like lack of children on its own do not mean much. But taken together they can indicate that Clark’s marriage is not mainstream.

Perhaps I could have worded my comment a little more carefully but the point I was making when you add it to the other things it adds to the case that Clark’s marriage is not mainstream.

I know heterosexual couples who have invited a homosexual couple around for a meal. That does not make their marriage or relationship non mainstream. However, I do not think they would go away on a holiday with them as Clark and Davis have with Chris Carter and his homosexual partner. If they did it would not make their marriage or relationship non mainstream. But I think it would be a little unusual.

Considering homosexuals only make up about 2% of the population I do not think it odd that many people do not have many homosexual friends.

BTW – do you know for a fact that Clark and Davis do not have a joint bank account?

Anonymous said...

I read the investigate piece on "She who must be obeyed" and they infer that helen is either Bisexual or Homosexual and living a lie.

Is that what you're infering by pointing out "the inconsistancies" between "normal" marrieds and Peter and Helen?

I personaly don't care if she's homosexual but I do object to her living a lie and trumpeting all the mainstream stuff.

You might note that Helen released a media release a coupla yrs back stating she had cried all day on her wedding day.
You see she didn't want to get married but her best mate Mr Progressive said she had to in order to have a political career.

Perhaps that explains her underhand methods tom undermine family and traditional marriage.