Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Benson Pope on WINZ debt

Good news from Benson-Pope. He says that debt arising from fraud or abuse has declined, and the amount of debt being recovered has increased. Now, perhaps he would be so kind as to advise how much debt, including office error and fraud, has not even been investigated and raised as a debt, but instead has been written off because it is too much hassle recovering.

Next point: Benson-Pope says that families are getting advances - and they are cash had asset tested. Yet the last advance I got was merely tested based on presentation of a bank balance. I would bet that most who apply for advances are not applying to clothe their kids, many are individuals who are getting bond for flats or advances for power bills so that some of them have cash to pay their court fines and cigarettes - in some cases this cash that is not showing up on their bank balances because it has been taken out of the bank several days prior to pay for such fines and fags.


Anonymous said...

Wrong. Try power bills, childrens medicines, adult medical bills, market rental costs and other pressing expenses.

Incidentally, Dave, you'd be surprised how many mental health consumers are evangelical Christians...

Craig (whose day job is with mental health services)

Dave said...

Craig, I think I know a little more about what is going on at WINZ than you do.

Anonymous said...

Hey dave
is this the craig that you outed in previous posts as a bit iffy with the facts and who he was?

Chuck said...

Craig, would more than 2% of mental health consumers be homosexuals? If so they would be overrepresented.
Chuck Bird