Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tainted Taito

Sometimes I feel I've got to
Run away - I've got to
Get away
From the pain I've driven into the heart of me
The cash I took
Won't let me off the hook
Although my roof is tiled
Ive lost confidence in a boss that's riled.

Once I ran to you
Now I won't talk to you
I`m tainted Taito now
Ripped off more than most MP's could do
Give me gardening leave - and that's not all
Oh... tainted Taito
Tainted Taito

Now I know that I'm
Exhonorated, I`ll just
See you later
You don't really want me back in the House
To warm my seat
I need someone to take the heat
Hard work usually gets good pay
But I'm sorry I don't pay that way

Don't question please
I just can't how you accuse
The police are hassling poor old Taito
So I`m gonna pack my things and go
Tainted Taito, tainted Taito(x2)
You can call me tainted Taito (x2)
Tainted Taito (x2)


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