Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poor Helen

So, Helen Clark doesn't like public allegations or rumours that her husband is gay. Yet she is quite happy in blaming the Exclusive Brethren (based on a unsubstantiatiated rumour from a leftie press gallery journo) and the National Party for these rumours. Quite happy to sit in the House smiling when Trevor Mallard publicly exposed Don Brash's affair. Quite happy to say later on that she condemned the attacks after references to her own husband in the media.

So why didn't she publicly or privately condemn Mallard's comments before Brash's affair hit the media? She said her heart sank when she saw news reports of Mr Mallard's threat to dish the dirt.

But it didn't sink as low as her morals as she did Absolutely.Nothing.About it.

She condoned Mallard dishing the dirt and smiled in the House while he dished it - then later distanced herself from it.

Helen Clark may be the Prime Minister, but she is a control freak and a two faced hypocrite. Never mind, the Auditor General's report is out soon.

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