Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What is the problem with our unmarried parents who kill Maori kids?

Case one Dennis Cheyne punched a three year old in the stomach and slaughtered her. He was the partner of the girls mother, and on home detention at the time.

Case two, Kahui twins Well publicised.

That's just this year. There's also this horrific case, but the perpetrators may or may not be Maori, the media hasnt advised their ethnicity - I suspect they are Tongan.

We will not forget the Maori roll call of child homicide: Five-year-old James Whakaruru killed by his step-father in 1999, or two-year-old Hinewaoriki "Lillybing"Karaitiana-Matiaha killed by her aunt in 2000, three-year-old Tangaroa Matui who was killed by his step-father, Pirimai Simmonds killed by his father in 2001, two-year-old Delcelia Witika beaten to death by her parents in 1991? And Craig Manakau.

From 1990-2000 86 kids were killed - 42 of them were Maori.
Why is it that more Maori children than European children are dying and are being reported to Child Youth and Family for abuse, when Maori are only 15 percent of the population?

Could it be that Maori are killing them? Our child homicide rate and child abuse rates would be less than half what it currently is if it wasnt for Maori. Since 2003 funding for CYFS has doubled - what on earth is it doing with the money?

A factor is that the perpetrators of nearly all, if not every one or our child homicides at the hands of caregivers are not married.

Primotion of marriage among Maori, rather than a ban on smacking, is a better way to minimise child abuse deaths. Statistics clearly show that,and its about time the Families Commission recognises this if it really has families interests at heart.

But it wont, because it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly, good on you for speaking the facts. What is the story with the time this was posted??? Kids keeping you up??

Lindsay said...

That's Demis Paul. His mother was also a convicted killer.

75 percent of Maori childbirths are ex-nuptial but I've read that it's in part because Maori "customary" marriages are not recognised. Does anyone know about these "customary" marriages?

Marriage (and committment in general) should be promoted to all people but I don't think it's a job for the govt.

Msth8d said...
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Msth8d said...

It is a sad fact that these maori kids have suffered this way, yet I am sure that the world they're in now, is far better, than the one we endure here.

But seriously lindsay wtf does ex-nuptial and maori customary marriages have to do with it. What the hell is a customary maori marriage? is that something you pakeha make up, to justify some sort of term.

I think pakeha should worry more about there own issues than that of maoris. As for the govt they dont have jurisdiction to meddle in maori affairs in any case, it is just maori that dont realize this yet. 1852 constituion s.71 took care of that. This nz govt say there the crown, then they need to start heeding to English Crown law and not there own toilet paper handbooks.