Friday, August 18, 2006

Police say it is not indecent to expose your breasts

The Police have said that women walking down the street topless are not committing an indecent act. But there's a catch, it appears.

ThE police consider that it is preferable that you "parade" your breasts, rather than just ordinary exposure. In other words, make sure they are seen. Jiggle them, stick crepe paper or tinsel to them to ensure maximum effect. Now whether that is a topless parade, a Santa Parade, or a Hero Parade is irrelevant, but I'm sure the Police will arrest a topless woman - or a group of them as the case may be - walking down Lambton Quay or Queen Street on their lunch break. In fact they `d probably be more likely to be arrested if they were speeding topless in their cars.

So why is it indecent for women to appear topless at the gym, at the swimming pool, or walking down town on their lunch break, but not in a parade? Does that mean that I will be committing an indecent act if I pee on the footpath in Lambton Quay but if I pee off the side of a truck in a parade it is perfectly fine?

I wonder if it would be perfectly fine to screen topless closeups on the 6 O'clock news.

Here's the letter from the Police:
The Court of Appeal in 1973 held that indecent should be given its ordinary and popular meaning and the Court approved directions which stated the question as being whether the conduct offended against a reasonable and recognised standard of decency which ordinary and reasonable members of the community ought to impose and observe in this day and age on entertainment of a public nature. The question of indecency must be considered by reference to the time place and circumstances of the conduct and the impropriety must be more than trifling and be sufficient to warrant the sanction of the law.

In the opinion of the Police, given the standards of decency observed in this day and age, a female being topless in a parade on a weekday in Queen Street will not in itself constitute an indecent act.
Yours Sincerely

Rob Abbott
New Zealand Police
Area Commander
Auckland City Business Area


ZenTiger said...

And yet a women covertly breast feeding their baby in a shopping mall sends some people right over the edge...

Oswald Bastable said...

Bottle fed no doubt!

Nizam Bashir said...

I think you got that one spot on, oswald. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't the police have better things to do than watch for stray mammary glands- like apprehending violent offenders, for example?

Craig Y.