Sunday, August 27, 2006

Maori MP's

Here's a question you may want to have a stab at answering: There are 21 Maori MP's in Parliament. How many of our Maori MPs were elected to Parliament in non-Maroi seats, as opposed to being selected as List MP's?


Murray said...

A number VERY similar to that of the Muslims MP's who got in by winning an electorate.

Remember kids, the koran is correct and cutting the heads of homosexuals is the thing to do.

Anonymous said...

What on earth is your point? Of course if a certain minority group in society is spread evenly across the land then it is very difficult to get elected in a general electorate, but doesn't that group have some right to be represented in Parliament?

Murray said...

Not when their presence in parliment comes from having bypassed election and their agenda is to bypass the laws of the land for their own group.