Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Helen Clark is immoral and a liar

There. I've said it. We have a Prime Minister who has no morals unless it serves her interests, and wants to repeat lies so much in the hope that they will be believed.

Finally, a newspaper has done a decent story on Labours overspending on its pledge cards, after the Solicitor General as well as the Auditor General said it was unlawful as advertising was electioneering in most cases.

The Prime Minister said that they were wrong. She defended the spending saying that it was done in previous years and nobody complained. So its only wrong if somebody complains - and you get caught? Thats very principled!.

Miss Clark said the spending is allocated to parties to promote their policies.

That's a lie - the spending is to run the office not run for office and promote policies. It's the sort of comment you would expect from a Prime Minister who would rather repeat lies so often in the hope that somebody believes her.

As I said earlier, the police should have prosecuted. They made an intentional choice in not doing so. Miss Clark considers the police made the correct decision. That must mean Miss Clark is not only a liar and immoral - but also a thief - and thinks it is okay to steal $446,000 to make pledges she doesn't keep.

There is no other conclusion to arrive at.

Now, a reminder of two of Labour's pledges: Their first promised pledge was that no more than five percent of taxpayers would pay the highest tax rate of 39 cents.Ha! Here's another:
Under Labour, our fifth pledge is to add 250 more community police over the next two financial years.That means doubling the numbers of community police who work actively locally to tackle crime and create safer communities. That’s a big priority for Labour.

One wonders how big.

Remember Helen Clark's words to the Labour Party Congress in May 1999 about the pledge card for that election - "My signature is on it. I am accountable for it".

Her signature was on this one too. You`ve gotta laugh, don't you.

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