Friday, August 25, 2006

don't smack your dog

New Zealand’s child and animal protection agencies are teaming up in response to growing international evidence of links between child abuse and cruelty to animals.CYF social workers who spot neglected or abused animals will report them to the SPCA or the ministry, and the two animal welfare agencies will report neglected or abused children to CYF.
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What this will mean is that there will be even more unallocated cases - and many of them will be cats and dogs. The SPCA cited US research and examples of kids being taken from their parents. "They come in and take a photo of the pet which they give to the children saying, ‘Put this by your bed. These are the people who are going to look after you and we’ll look after the animals until things are sorted out’.”

Two years later when the child has not returned home, neither has the dog, who goes to a foster home. Lets hope in such situations the dog bites one of the nasty social workers nose on the way - like Teresa Waghorn and Hayley Wall, who come to mind for some reason. Once they have been bitten they can then refer the dog's open mouths to their CYFS supervisors for instructing social workers to disregard the law.

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