Sunday, July 16, 2006

wasting taxpayers money

National has set up a website highlighting taxpayer waste - funded with tax-payers money.

One example was 40 MAF managers who spent $14,724 on a day long planning session. What the website didn't say was that the remote flash Boomrock Lodge site was chosen because it was out of cellphone range.

Of course it is far too hard for MAF bosses to turn cellphones off, or leave them in the car, isn't it.


BB said...

Add this to the waste..a boy in CYF care when he shouldnt be and doesnt want to be.. CYFS fund him and his grandparents on a three day holiday to a resort town.. $750 accomodation costs..$100 petrol costs..$300 spending money..$350 clothing grant for the boy.. ($1500 holiday) plus $360 for two weeks board costs paid to the grandparents and other sundry expenses... all this when the boy wanted to go home for the holidays to his parents place( who were happy to have him and wanted to have him).. which would have cost the tax payer nothing!!
To top this all off the boy is back at boarding school tonight.. also paid for by CYF.. at a cool cost to the tax payer of @$12,000 per year.
All of this when the boy wants to eb home and his parents love and want him to be at home.. huge taxpayer waste in this department.

Anonymous said...

Of course, if National were using the cell phones, I guess they'd rack up large international caller charges to Seedknee, contacting their Exclusive Brethren mates...

Craig Y.