Sunday, July 09, 2006

insulating cold homes

Apparently, you may be more likely to die in your cold house than in a motor vehicle accident in this country - and many deaths would be avoidable if homes had proper insulation

So why is the Government doing nothing to promote insulation and warm homes, while enforcing quotas on the road with one in five police officers?

Any community group, trust or business organisation interested in running a project to insulate 30 or more homes was able to get funding from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority. Applications closed 5 April. They also provide financial help through the EnergyWise home grants programme for improving insulation in pre-1977 houses occupied by people on low incomes. So why isn't the Government promoting it if they are paying for it?

If you are on a low income - particularly with kids - and want financial assistance in insulation, here's who you can contact. I don`t even think you have to own your own home. That's how we got our house insulated - we paid just $300.00. A trust paid the rest.
update The Dominion Post has their story online now


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