Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cindy Kiro is nuts, isnt she?

Childrens Commissioner Cindy Kiro has a grand plan to stop child abuse and prevent kids falling through the cracks: Let the state be the parent. She wants the state to conduct four hour long interviews with all kids by the state before the kids turn 17.

I`m not going to have the state parent my kids, I can do it much better myself. I`ll smack then too, if they need it. I`m not going to have my daughter checked and asked whether she is gay, or to arrange her " sexual health" at age 13. What are they going to do - give her contraceptives and a pregnancy test?

Next thing Kiro will be asking for my family support payments. Instead of these stupid interviews, I`d rather have the money. I`ll put it to much better use. How much do you think Kiro's expensive plan will be?

One commenter on Lindsay Mitchells blog put it well: "Won't happen as it will be impossible to get sufficient staff to do the interviews. Based on 50,000 births a year that would be 50,000 interviews every year at an hour each. At 40 hours per interviewer per week that would require 1250 interviewer staff. Add supervisory staff of around 200, technical staff for the database software and mobile computer hardware required and you would end up with a government department of around 1600. At $45,000 each that would be an anual wages bill of $72 Million. Plus software and hardware, office, transportation costs, etc. Close to a billion dollars for the first year. Cant see Cullen agreeing to that. That is not to mention the privacy concerns people may have nor the fact that each kids family would need to have access to their kids information stored in the database."

Dead duck, next socialist policy.

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Lindsay said...

On the same thread I did some different workings and showed it would take 237 interviewers to do the required work at a cost of $10.6 million. I wouldn't let funding problems rule it out at all.