Monday, July 03, 2006

50 percent chance of an abortion

If you are a teenage girl and get yourself pregnant, you have just as much chance of having an abortion as giving birth. If you are a pregnant teen from a well off family, particularly European, you are much more likely to have an abortion than give birth.

If you are Maori, you are more likely to end up on welfare.

United Future has the answer: sex education in schools. I wonder how many of these kids actually go to school, and of those that do, how many take notice of any sex education? Better to bribe 'em with video cellphones, and give them two if they stop smoking and sex!

What's the Family Planning Association doing about the teenage abortion rate?

Oh nothing, that's what. They just don't care. These unemployed Maori kids are better off having kids as it brings money into the family via welfare benefits and Family Support. That's what happened in the Kahui family until they lost three of the kids and resultant family support.


john said...

You might like to check out : 'Welfare Dependency Makes Great TV'

BB said...

Abortion is legal murder.. we should be as horrifed about that as we are about the killing of the twins. I dont think we need sex education in schools as much as we need to teach about abstinence and the precious gift of life.