Thursday, June 15, 2006

NZ First, Maori Party and the Greens play stupid politics

Hello, I'm back.... I`be been very busy and I`ve only had time for seven cups of coffee so far today.

United Future is too sensible to do what NZ First and the Greens have done - that is, block leave for National to introduce a bill to amend the Broadcasting Act so it can pay back its $112,500 election overspending. At least National is honest about its overspending, unlike Labour. Its just that if the money is paid back they break the law in doing so. If there is something wrong with the law you fix it. NZ First and the Greens obviously don't think so - they`re too busy trying to change laws that dont need fixing.

However, I suspect that the reason National wants to introduce this bill is to pay the money back now that the election is lost, rather than have $112,500 taken off the budget for the next election, which I must say, they have a better chance of winning, particularly if Labour has $400,000 taken off its budget for its overspending.

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