Saturday, June 24, 2006

the murdered twins

Finally, the police have said the Kahui twins were murdered. Others who have commented on this blog have said this is not a Maori problem.

Crap. Of course it is. Would non-Maori hide behind whanau and stonewall the police to stop one of their family from being arrested for murder?

Maori are over represented on benefits. Just one member of the extended Kahui family had a job - and that was a cleaner. Fourteen people lived in their three-bedroom Housing New Zealand home, including the twins' father, mother, grandfather, several uncles and aunties and sometimes their various boyfriends and girlfriends and whoever else turned up for the weekly parties.

One can only wonders how much Family Support and WINZ benefits this extended family is getting - including food grants and power advances. I wonder if the family would rather drink in the dark rather than pay power bills because they had no advance money left on their benefit entitlement - but would spend their benefit on alcohol rather than food or necessities.

The twins' Great Uncle said someone within the whanau knows who is to blame for the murders.
"The ones that should be guilty are the ones that actually caused the bloody harm...I wish they'd get off their ass and bloody come forward so we can bury the twins."

He should get off his own ass and sort his whanau out, so he and his whanau won't be reliant on the state for their income, and will give their mokopuna the necessaries of life.

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