Wednesday, May 31, 2006

wait and see

Well it's 11:50pm as I write this and I'm on a dial up connection as Xtra broadband is down again. Who knows how long it will take to post. Perhaps they `ll pay me another $3.50 for the loss of service - if I bother to apply for it, and if they offer it to me.

Here's what happened.
8:30pm - got home from work. Checked emails. Had tea.
9pm (approx) Broadband went down - rang up the Xtra help line to inquire- got through but was left waiting for 25 minutes before I finally hung up none the wiser.
9:45pm Rang the helpline again - the line was constantly engaged. No message as to what the problem was.
10:30pm The Xtra line finally has a message stating that there is a problem - AT LEAST 90 MINUTES after initially going down.

What crap communication. At least anyone who is affected can hook up a free dial-up for a short period. Did you know that was possible? I didn`t until I rang dial-up.

I`ll just have to wait and see when broadband will be restored. What a way to close NZ music month. Next month this blog will have no NZ song titles as headers.

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