Sunday, May 21, 2006

wait and see

As I wrote way back in October last yearHelen Clark wants to get rid of some list MP's. Helen Clark thinks that if you are a sitting MP and did not regain your seat you should not be in Parliament as a Labour MP - unless you are gay, a feminist, or a former union official. And if you are given the chop you will be replaced by someone who is gay, a feminist, a unionist. The next four Labour candidates are Charles Chauvel( gay), Lesley Soper ( unionist and feminist), Louisa Wall ( gay), and Su'a William Sio ( former unionist).

So Jim Sutton will be gone by the end of the year. He lost his top 20 ranking and his seat at the last election. Russell Fairbrother and Dianne Yates also lost their seats, and are targeted for the chop. Next may be Jill Pettis and Anne Hartley. They are straight,white, and are not unionists or feminists - and have lost their electorate seats.

So what is happening is that Labour puts out a list, and when they don't get the right amount of unionists, feminists and homosexuals into parliament they ditch the ones who lose seats - provided they are not gay, unionists, feminists, or Ministers. Oh, and getting rid of too many Maori isn't a good look either.

Interestingly, of all the list MPs in Labour's top 30, how many are new, gay, feminists, Maori or Ministers?

All of them.

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Anonymous said...

Er, Soper is also anti-abortion, you realise?

Craig Y.