Thursday, May 18, 2006

this is it

Carly Binding is throwing her support behind a new campaign to encourage condom use for gay male couples. The “Love Is” campaign will be launched next Tuesday, and uses Binding’s single “This is it”. According to this site 40 percent of men with a regular partner are unsure about their own HIV status, let alone their partners.

Why is that?

A signifcant number of men in relationships are becoming HIV+ because they stopped wearing condoms. How many of these people got HIV because they were having sex with a person who was not HIV+? I would have thought the fact that someone had HIV was more relevant than if they were wearing condoms. The Love Is website notes that last year 89 gay men tested positive for HIV,adding that some of them were in serious relationships at the time. The site doesn't mention that most weren't.

If you are not sure of your HIV status, get tested. If you or your partner is HIV+, always wear a condom. If you both have HIV, does it really matter anyway?

Lets see some figures on HIV+ tests for those who are in committed relationships. On that note, let's see some stats on how many syphilis cases among gay men are men in committed relationships.

It`s the swingers out for the sex we need to be worried about, not just those in loving committed relationships. They`re the ones less likely to wear condoms.Love doesn't come into it.

This is really bad marketing.


Chuck said...

Dave, you think that is bad marketing.

Below is a message on the government funded NZ AIDS Foundation web site.


“Keeping sex safe has nothing to do with who you have sex with, how often you do it or how many people you have sex with.

Keeping safe is as simple as not sharing cum or other body fluids: use a condom and water based lube every time you fuck.”

In an Investigate article in July 2005 Dr Doug Lush stated

LUSH: I’ll refer you to the Cochrane Collaboration on condom use, which shows an 80% reduction in HIV incidence.

Dr Doug Lush is a Ministry of Health Senior Advisor, Communicable Disease and former Acting Director of Public Health.

It should also be pointed out that condoms offer less protection against other STDs than they do against HIV.

Is anyone else not outraged that the government funds the NZ AIDS Foundation to put out such dangerous rubbish.

Anonymous said...

The 'Love Is...' campaign is about people in loving relationships who place too much trust in the guy they love. Gay men are well known to have more relaxed rules about 'open relationships', whereby sex outside of the relationship is seen largely as okay. The message behind this campaign is to also use condoms with your partner because it is a good habit to get into, considering the 'human factor' — how does one know the condom didn't break with their partner and 'other lover', or how does one know that their partner didn't 'slip up' while under the influence of drugs or alcohol? You don't seem to grasp the idea behind the campaign and maybe you should research its target audience and their behaviours before making such sweeping statements.

Also, you claim that if both partners have HIV then condom use "doesn't matter" — again, you are illustrating that you are poorly informed. Many different strains of HIV exist, therefore two HIV positive men having unsafe sex together means they can become even 'sicker', picking up strands that are immune to some treatments etc.

Check out the facts before making ill-informed posts like this one.